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Should I Register my Domain Name for Multiple Years?
Jeff Kershner
Jeff Kershner
March 08, 2021
3 min
Should I Register my Domain Name for Multiple Years?

Ah! The age-old question: domain registration length. This blog article will discuss the pros and cons of why you should or should not extend the registration length of your domain name.

First Some Background Information

When you register a domain name, typically you register for a default length of 1 year. Then when that domain is about to expire, you will make the decision to renew that registration for another year. This is the typical default behavior for domain names.

Why it Might Make Sense

Most TLDs can be registered for up to 10 years in length. Does that mean it’s a good idea? Here are a few reasons why this does actually make sense:

Forgetting to Renew:

It sounds unlikely, but we all get inundated with emails and tasks that it is actually common to just plain forget to renew a domain name. Initially registering a domain name for multiple years pushes the chance of forgetting several years into the future.

But what about auto-renew? Auto renewing your important domains is a great way to not forget to renew, but there can be issues with expiring credit cards or other payment methods changing. Registering for multiple years just reduces the chances that you will forget.

Favorable Pricing:

Oftentimes a registrar is offering a sale on a TLD that drastically reduces the cost. If you only register for one year, upon renewal, you will have to pay full price. If you know you want to keep the domain, registering for multiple years gives you the sale price for many years.

Also, like many things, domain prices continually go up every few years. Registering for multiple years locks in today’s prices for years to come.

But what if you don’t know if you want to keep the domain name? This is a common question and must be considered carefully. If you are not sure your business or project will workout, it might not make sense to register for multiple years. But also remember that if you sell your domain name or transfer to someone else, the expiration date moves with it. You don’t lose those years you registered the name for and that can be factored into the sale price.

Possible SEO Advantages:

Like a FICO credit score, the search engines use complicated private formulas to calculate a score, called a ranking score. Search engines do not share this formula. Last I heard, Google, the current king of the search engines, has over 200 variables it uses to rank websites.

It’s been long rumored that search engines use Domain Registration length as one of their metrics in their ranking algorithms. It makes sense if you think about it because a domain name that is registered for 10 years into the future seems to be more serious than a domain name that is renewed every year.

Google has publicly announced that they do not use domain expiration date as a factor in their ranking algorithm. Whether this is true or not we may never know for sure. Also other search engines have their own ranking algorithms so who knows what might be actually going on.

My opinion is that if a domain has value, I always register it for many years.

Why it Might Not Make Sense

On the flip side, there may be a few reasons why it doesn’t make sense to register a domain name for more than a single year.

Domain Flipping

Just like in real estate, if you find a hidden gem, you might want to purchase it with the intention to flip the domain and make some money. Many people, called Domainers, make a lot of money doing this. In this situation, it makes sense to keep your costs as low as possible and only renew the domains if you feel there is a chance they will sell.

Short Term-Project

Maybe your project is specifically tailored to a short term deal. I know of people that are selling a house that register a domain specifically for the sale. Once the sale is over, they let the domain expire. If this is the case for you, there is no need to register for multiple years. Even if your sale takes longer than expected, you can just renew one year at a time.

Non-Favorable Pricing

Oftentimes you find a domain name that you must have but there is no sale pricing going on. It might make sense to purchase for a single year and wait for a sale to then renew for many years. It’s all a numbers game.


However you decide to manage your domains is up to how the domains will be used. Hopefully this article gave you some new things to think about and helped you decide on the registration length that makes sense for your domain.


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